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Tower Hamlets Women's Network

The Tower Hamlets Women’s Network is a collective of local women and staff or volunteers in Tower Hamlets based not-for-profit organisations. The network is facilitated by account3. We meet regularly to share information and discuss issues that affect women, issues that are selected and prioritised by the members. These frank communications underpin our efforts to work together to seek solutions to local challenges.

Dear Employer...
account3 brand new animated social action project to open conversations on racism at work 

A brand-new animated short film, entitled ‘Dear Employer…‘ has been created in a collaboration between account3, local women residents of Tower Hamlets and Bristol based Studio Giggle, released on 30th March 2023 issues a strong call out to employers to notice, understand and tackle racism and its impact on mental health in the workplace.  

The purpose of the animation is to open conversations on racism at work and encourage employers to be more conscious of how both implicit and explicit racism and racist practices impact staff and their mental well-being. It also asks employers to observe, recognise and understand what is happening in the workplace and importantly to have clear, relevant and meaningful strategies to change workplace cultures. 

The project is part of the 12 weeks ‘Dare to Lead’ BAME Leadership course for local women. The participating women completed a series of online classes on feminist leadership values, networking, negotiations, building personal confidence, as well as other leadership topics, requiring the women to develop a Social Action Project: a collaborative approach to bring together and build on their learning. 

SiS : Tower Hamlets local women’s response to the soaring of Domestic Abuse during COVID19

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