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The Tower Hamlets Women’s Network (THWN) is funded through a 3 year contract, 2021-2024, with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

The purpose of that contract is to address inequality and improve local community cohesion and specifically to reduce inequalities faced by women, improving their everyday experiences and life chances.

The network is required to carry out various functions:

  • To establish and build a network of diverse, well informed local women to strengthen and amplify the voice, representation and participation of women residents and identify issues in the borough that have an impact on women.

  • To advocate for women and make their voice heard, taking action to tackle inequalities faced by them.

  • Create and identify  opportunities for local women to be involved in decision making and leadership

  • To develop, contribute to and run events in the borough in order to increase awareness and understanding of women.

  • Participate in the Equalities Hub in meetings and other activities for the benefit of local women

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