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our MANIFESTO 2022

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We, the Tower Hamlets Women's Network, are a collective made up of local women and local organisations based in Tower Hamlets, all striving for sex equality and women's human rights. We call on all elected representatives to adopt policies to redress the imbalances in our society that harm all women and girls, especially those who are further marginalised by race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation or disability.

We call on political representatives and decision-makers to commit to: 

Women’s safety in public space   

  • Improve the accountability of all public bodies (Mayor, police, public health, local authority).    

  • Hold public bodies responsible for their failure to protect women   

  • Eradicate racism and sexism from public bodies and evidence the process, actions and results    

  • Improve the accountability of the judicial system around perpetrators and for perpetrators and professionals holding power to undergo mandatory training on women’s rights.   

  • Provide an ongoing financial commitment, that reflects the need, to organisations working on Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)

Economic Independence and Flexible employment   

  • Hold businesses accountable, asking employers to review actions taken to employ more women and publish sex pay analyses annually     

  • Work with local employers and business to create better opportunities to employ more women providing guidance on recruitment and flexible working that takes account of women’s lives without penalty.     

  • Develop a specific program, led by local women with lived experience, aimed at supporting women and mothers to re-join the job market   

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Safe space for young girls   

  • Ascertain and publish the current sex based access to youth provision through monitoring and review processes   

  • Allocate a dedicated fund for girls and young women activities in the borough while there is an issue with girls accessing youth provision    

  • Work with young girls to understand what is required in the creation of  more safe space for girls and young women    

  • Start a borough wide campaign demanding protection and prevention from all form of violence for girls and young women, at home, in schools and public space   

  • Ensure women only space and safe respectful toilets are available in all public buildings     

Support for mothers with children with special needs   

  • Greater recognition of the struggles of mothers caring for their children with special needs   

  • Faster diagnosis for Special Education Needs (SEN) under 5’s 

  • More support and respite for mothers  

This is a manifesto for change for women in Tower Hamlets.  

A manifesto for a more equal society. 

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